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Wishing Well

We would be honored if you can join us for our special day but we do understand if this is not possible. Please RSVP by 5th January 2024 on the form below 💖

When: Friday 19th January 2024 - 5AM
Wedding: Entrance to Shorncliffe Pier
Reception: Preeces On The Park (following the ceremony)
Dress: Please do! Casual & Colourful

There is parking at the venue and you can either walk or drive to the reception.

Are You Able To Attend?

You make me Feel (YMMF)

We cant wait to stand  beneath the glorious sunrise by the tranquil waterfront where we spend so much time, surrounded by the love and warmth that all of you have brought to this special day. We are deeply grateful for your presence, and are thrilled to share our love story with you.

“You Make Me Feel (YMMF)” was born almost six years ago, long before this beautiful morning. Our love story has been a journey of self-discovery, laughter, and, most importantly, the profound realisation that we make each other feel alive.

We are quite the pair. We’ve always complemented each other in the most unexpected ways. Nik’s stability, nurturing spirit, and her incredible ability to see beyond words have been the grounding force in Paula’s life. On the other hand, Paula has always been known for her quick wit and playful charm, often using humor as a shield for the vulnerability that love demands.

But, with unwavering love and unwavering kindness, we started to break down the walls around our hearts. We made each other feel… feelings. And it wasn’t always easy. There were times when we both felt annoyed or overwhelmed, and yes, even those moments when we wanted to retreat into our emotional caves.

That’s when “You Make Me Feel (YMMF)” became our secret code. It was a phrase that encapsulated the depth of our emotions, from the most profound moments of love to the delightful, and sometimes exasperating, quirks that make us who we are. We made each other feel alive, even in those moments when it seemed impossible.

So, as we prepare to stand in front of you all, it’s not just the sunrise that symbolises a new beginning. It’s the reaffirmation of the love, laughter, and understanding that we’ve shared over these last six years, and it’s the promise to continue making each other feel alive in every way possible.

To our dear friends and family, we thank you for being a part of our journey, for witnessing our love story, and for celebrating this special day with us. May our love always shine as brightly as the sun that blesses us this morning, and may “You Make Me Feel” continue to be the anthem of our love, reminding us of the beauty in vulnerability and the joy in being fully present with one another.

Here’s to a future filled with love, laughter, and endless sunrises. To Paula, my love, you make me feel alive every day, and I can’t wait to continue this incredible journey with you by my side. To Nik, you are my why, you are my rock and I love you with all my heart, today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.

We love Preeces On The Park and hope you do too. We have selected from the breakfast menu some delicious treats and think you will find something you will enjoy 💖

Here are a few pics and photos of our wedding venu

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